Need something to drizzle your new mayonnaise … There are tons on the market these days from brands like Follow Your Heart (Veganaise), Just, Trader Joe’s, Nasoya, and even Hellmann’s now offers a vegan mayo! Just add a few drops of sriracha, mix it up and voila! Looking for a quick sauce to top vegan bowls, tacos or dip your veggies in? 1 tsp sriracha sauce; Add all ingredients to your blender and blend until your Vegan Sriracha Mayonnaise (sugar & oilfree) gets real creamy. Vegan Sriracha Mayo sauce contains only two ingredients, Sriracha sauce and vegan mayonnaise mixed together. Don’t like mayo? Adjust the spicyness to your liking by adding more or less Sriracha sauce. Then squeeze some lemon on … I like to add it to a bowl of rice and beans mixed with some greens and veggies. This is quick and easy.

vegan sriracha mayo

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